“Whether it was furniture, painting, interior design, or architecture… The level of detail and craft is something that’s inscribed within the original design concept.” ~ Tadao Ando

As architects we need to completely understand the extent of our pursuit and take responsibility for all aspects of our craft.

From the first interaction with the client, our craft unfolds. With the undertaking of each project, all of the numerous team players influence the final outcome. We must actively control this process to ensure the final product stays true and ensure that all of the elements, down to last detail, retain the integrity of the design. This is all encompassing, from understanding and controlling the financial drivers, to leading the multitude of professional consultants and conducting the teams that build and mould the components, down to the internal furnishing, landscaping and the selection of the artwork appropriate for the spaces. This is our craft.

As with our own craft, we are inherently interested in the skills of the other craftsmen; the stone masons, the carpenters, the artists; and through the nurturing of these relationships we ensure a high level of creative workmanship with each of our projects.

In today’s world of pre-fabrication and proprietary materials and systems, we still embrace activities involving the skill of making things by hand. We are fascinated in how buildings are put together and relish the opportunity to explore diverse materials and fabrication systems that supersede the expected.