Multi residential

The Heart of Gold Coast Estate

Ballito, South Africa

Most can agree that the clubhouse is the heart of any estate. It’s a place where people connect, relax, work, exercise and enjoy the benefits of estate living. The exceptional Gold Coast Clubhouse and sports facility are no different.

Located in the Sibaya Precinct, KZN, Gold Coast Estate boasts an extensive array of amenities that cater to the diverse needs and interests of its residents, fostering a vibrant and well-rounded community experience. Developers DEVMCO knew it would not be complete without a jaw dropping clubhouse. The Gold Coast Clubhouse was conceptualised as a versatile and flexible structure with several key objectives in mind. Primarily, it aimed to create a relaxed and comfortable environment, functioning as an extension of residents’ homes as well as a gathering space. In line with this vision, the Clubhouse was strategically designed to accommodate both social areas and more private zones. The ground floor, characterised by an open layout, seamlessly connects to a secure kids’ play area (including a putting green and games room) at the rear, and a spacious infinity pool and deck at the front, offering picturesque views of the wetland and sea. This thoughtful arrangement allows parents to socialise in the restaurant space while providing a safe and enjoyable space for children to play nearby.

The upper level adopts a more adult and exclusive ambience, featuring enclosed spaces conducive to business meetings, a luxurious wine collection, and a cigar bar. This creates a sophisticated area for parties, corporate functions, and conferences. The architectural form of the building embraces an unfussy yet elegant design, presenting a contemporary interpretation of Natal veranda-styled structures. This approach not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal but also ensures a fitting response to the local climate and context.

But DEVMCO did not stop there. To enhance the holistic communal offering of Gold Coast Estate, they developed an innovative sports facility. Crafted by the architects at Craft of Architecture, who also set the estate’s aesthetic guidelines, the sports centre exhibits a degree of individuality within the contemporary architectural framework, allowing for creative variation.

Deviating from conventional enclosed gym spaces, the facility prioritises natural elements with ample views, fresh air, and natural light. The design incorporates a two-storey, modernist inspired ‘glass box’ as its foundation, complemented by a protective aluminium mesh brise-soleil, addressing concerns of heat gain, sunlight shelter and privacy. It also features a kinetic

screen, comprising 14 000 perforated aluminium tiles, individually mounted on pins, which ripple and shimmer in response to the wind. Its dynamic nature not only contributes to the building’s identity but also aligns with the subtropical climate of Durban.

The location of the facility is also strategically significant to the overall urban design of Gold Coast Estate. Its placement is designed to activate a central park adjacent to it, encouraging pedestrian activity and contributing to the vibrant communal green space.

Both the Clubhouse and sports facility contribute to the sense of community not only within the estate but also the greater Sibaya Precinct.

These communal areas foster multigenerational living and provide a range of amenities but also actively encourage residents to get outdoors. The Clubhouse, with its architectural ethos designed to maximise coastal views, provides residents with a

unique opportunity to connect with nature. This integration of indoor and outdoor spaces encourages residents to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding environment. Moreover, the sports facility is strategically located alongside an infinity-style pool and a large deck, creating a tranquil space for residents to unwind outdoors.

This emphasis on outdoor spaces aligns with the holistic vision of promoting wellness within the estate.

By providing spaces for relaxation, outdoor play and sports facilities, these areas contribute to the overall well-being of residents, fostering a community that values a healthy and active lifestyle.

“The Gold Coast Clubhouse is poised to play an integral role in shaping the identity of Gold Coast Estate,”


“As we look forward to upcoming developments and initiatives, we anticipate that the Clubhouse and sports facility will continue to be a driving force in fostering a strong sense of community and connection. Whether through additional amenities, cultural events or wellness initiatives, the Clubhouse remains a cornerstone of the estate’s commitment to a holistic and well-balanced lifestyle.”